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The Axe Master firewood processor is manufactured in our 43,000 sq ft

RJ Machineworks facility in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.  Axe Master is designed and engineered for ease of use and reliability. Our excellence in manufacturing will provide customers with an efficient high-performance machine.


The Axe Master is a new offering to our division.  Our team of engineers, welders and machinists have over 50 years of experience.  The founder Jack Seguin, a welding instructor at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1968 has grown many diverse businesses into success stories.  The Axe Master is just one more of his many ventures 


Jack surrounds himself with a team of highly qualified personnel ensuring all products meet strict quality control parameters.  Axe Master aims to be Western Canada’s highest quality firewood processor.


With sturdy construction and less moving parts, the Axe Master is low on maintenance and higher on production time proving to be a valuable investment.  The aim is to provide a novel, easy to use machine that can produce 4 full cords of wood per hour.


We have one circular saw model currently with the ability to build other custom models Choosing Axe Master means a dependable way to get the job done with equipment that meets your budget.

Axe Master takes pride in offering fully customizable, built-to-spec firewood processors. All the components including bearings; gas tanks; cabs and controls are fabricated in-house from the ground to meet your exact needs

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